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It’s one thing to hear a life-changing truth or to have a conceptual grasp on spiritual wisdom. But it’s another thing to “walk the walk” – or to put into practice the good advice we’ve been given. What does it mean to walk the walk in our everyday lives? According to Pema Chödrön, it means being down-to-earth, genuine, and perhaps most importantly, it means engaging in the teachings in order to actively confront anything and everything we’ve heretofore rejected in our attempts to find happiness. Created to help us respond with compassion and authenticity when our spiritual ideals are put to the test, Walking the Walk brings you four inspirational sessions with Pema Chödrön, as you explore:

  • Stabilizing the Mind – awareness, presence, and the foundation of the spiritual path
  • Unconditional Friendship with Yourself – getting unstuck from the patterns that create our own misery
  • Freedom from Fixed Mind – how to release biases and prejudices to revitalize your everyday experiences
  • Taking Care of One Another – essential guidance in the ability to truly be there for others

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