The Healing Code Of Nature


Human beings are inseparable from the natural world, co-evolving with all of life. In order to thrive, we need to nourish this bond. In The Healing Code of Nature, biologist Clemens G. Arvay illuminates the miraculous ways that the human body interprets the living “code” of plants, animals, and our larger natural habitat for healing and sustenance. Here is a book as inspiring as it is fascinating, offering a new vision for the future of medicine and the way we relate to our environment.

Learn more about:

  • The new science of eco-psychosomatics: the study of the close connection between mind, body, and nature
  • The biophilia effect and the healing relationship between humans and trees
  • Epigenetics and the mounting evidence of how environmental experiences of a living being can directly affect genetic material
  • The role of evolutionary medicine in understanding and treating cancer
  • Regenerating in nature and taking a time-out from the stressors of modern living
  • Unleashing the healing potential of encounters with animals
  • Moving beyond the materialist view to reclaim nature as an unsolvable mystery

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Clemens G. Arvay

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01/08/2018 12:00


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