Pocket Theology: Voltaire


This is a collection of religious quotes, aphorisms and definitions that are arranged alphabetically. It serves as a pocket dictionary of theology like none other found today. Virtually everything Voltaire wrote during his life that concerned religion was immediately banned, so this collection of “highlights” will allow the reader to understand why his views met with such hostility. Despite his critical slant, most of the entries make surprising sense. Even devout Christians will chuckle knowingly from time to time while reading through this book. No person or religion is perfect and Voltaire was able to use his sharp wit and sarcasm to point out these imperfections. Instead of making us primarily angry at religious authority, he gives us the ability to laugh at their follies or their ignorance. Some sections may still incite a bit of anger, however. Otherwise, how could it be Voltaire?

It is not recommended to give this book to friends as a companion to their Bibles – unless they have a sense of humor. It should not be given out at church, but should instead be kept in a place where one can freely laugh without having to explain oneself to serious believers. Your idea of fun, or what is funny, may not be the same as your local minister’s or your aunt Martha’s. With this in mind, you can safely proceed to enjoy one of the greatest and sharpest minds to have ever graced this earth – a legend if you will… Voltaire.

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Voltaire, Ellen Carrol (Trans.)


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