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David Icke, the World’s most controversial author, has spent the last quarter of a century unraveling the secrets of the Universe, reality and the forces that manipulate our World. What was once ridiculed and dismissed is now being confirmed again and again as Icke, a figure of fun for so long, is acknowledged as a man way ahead of his time.

In this massive work of 435,000 words, 900 pages and more than 800 illustrations, Icke lays out in dot-connected details a lifetime of research and insight about our ‘computer’-simulated reality, the holographic universe and the hidden non-human forces that are manipulating human life via hybrid bloodline families and networks into a global Orwellian state of total control.

What Icke exposes across a vast range of connected subjects, people and events provides the tool and awareness for humanity to stop this unfolding nightmare and restore the world to what it once was and will be again- a place of love, harmony, peace and awakened consciousness.

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