Meditations For Manic Motorists Cd


Do you get stressed out behind the steering wheel? Would you like to transform your drive time into an opportunity to cultivate tranquility and calm? Dip into this selection of 10-minute mindfulness techniques and find the ones that best suit you.

  • Introduction: the hows and whys of in-car meditating. Time-honoured techniques to enhance your physical and mental well-being behind the wheel. Body awareness and relaxation while driving Improve your posture and enjoy alert relaxation.
  • Mindfulness of breathing: Wherever on the road you are, come home to yourself through your breath.
  • Being in the moment: How to use mindfulness of the senses to make driving interesting again.
  • Sharing the love: Reprising an ancient technique to exhale stress and cultivate equanimity.
  • Calmer and calmer with every breath: A visualisation device to cultivate inner peace.
  • Why annoying motorists are better than friends: An analytical meditation that will make you look forward to your next motoring frustration!

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