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For most of us, our sense of identity comes from the thoughts in our heads—what Eckhart calls “the story of me.” The common denominator of “me” is a lingering, dissatisfying sense that we’re never complete. On Know That “I Am,” Eckhart describes a new state of consciousness that is beginning to emerge on the planet, wherein the sense of self is no longer derived solely from thought—but from the direct recognition of our timeless, “being” nature. Join him to explore:

• The primary voluntary “portals” to presence—including bringing a “yes” to Now, sense perceptions, and stillness itself

• Suffering, the pain-body, and the involuntary openings into presence we often experience

• Finding freedom from the veil of conditioned interpretations

“‘Being,’ ‘stillness,’ ‘knowing,’ and ‘I am’ are all synonymous in their core,” teaches Eckhart. “Each guides us to the One underlying the many.” Know That “I Am” is your invitation to this great awakening.

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