The Instruction


Have you ever sensed that your life has a deeper, more meaningful purpose – but don’t know what it is? In The Instruction, psychic Ainslie MacLeod offers a systematic approach to uncovering the life your soul has planned for you. With the help of high-level spirit guides, this step-by-step manual for realizing personal fulfillment presents the debut work from this unique voice in contemporary spirituality. The Instruction takes readers through ten “doorways” to unveil the life plan their souls created before they were even born, including: The Door to Perception: Your Soul Age, and how it shapes your beliefs and behaviors; The Door to Acceptance: Are you a Hunter? Thinker? Creator? How your Soul Type reveals your true self; The Door to Balance: How to avoid false-goals and diversions; and The Door to Creativity: Using past lives to enhance the present.

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