History Of The Christian Religion


Many believe this book to be the most complete, honest and best documented work available on this subject. Easily one of the most accurate histories of early Christianity with much information not found elsewhere. Based on the level of research, the facts presented should be more highly esteemed than common dogma and tradition. The author devoted years of intense study in the Library of Congress, often gaining entry to inaccessible rooms with the help of insiders, to create this work. Presents carefully researched facts that often oppose traditional beliefs. Covers the origin and history of Christian doctrines, lost gospels, a list of those gospels that were destroyed, and information on Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, and Turtullian. Much on lost books, early Church fathers and heresy. Covers lost gospels not referred to in most other references, and a list of those gospels that were destroyed. Considered one of the most important and accurate books on the formation of Christianity ever written. A must for any serious researcher or those seeking the true foundations of the Christian faith.

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