Giza Legacy


Will humans overcome their technical, material worldview and find their way back to the freedom of the spiritual world? This can only succeed if we can realign with the lost legacies of ancient times and can decipher that wisdom. Scientists and spiritual explorers alike are striving to penetrate the hidden worlds of Giza. The discoveries they have made are nothing short of breathtaking. Some may suspect it while others already know: Here, both in and below the pyramids, lies the key to a liberating truth for all those who seek it—the GIZA LEGACY.

In this groundbreaking book, Rico Paganini provides a fascinating overview of developments and discoveries involving the pyramids and the Sphinx. Modern technology combined with spiritual sensing abilities enabled him to penetrate spheres that have been blocked until now. In the course of two excursions to Egypt over a period of seven years, a world-shattering realization came to him: The real secret of the pyramids has never yet even been recognized. It has little to do with how they were built and their incomprehensible size and geometry, but instead it has to do with their metaphysical significance and their function as a guidepost to the subterranean world beneath them.

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