Deepening The Dimension Of Stillness 6Cd


Discover Your Identity Beyond the Personal

Where do great ideas come from? What is the source of true happiness and fulfillment? Where can we find peace? In a word: stillness. With two bestselling works now considered spiritual classics, Eckhart Tolle has helped millions worldwide to break free from identification with thoughts—and enter into the freedom and joy of what he calls stillness, our essential nature. Deepening the Dimension of Stillness invites us to take the next step from occasional glimpses of spiritual awakening that more and more of us have experienced into a new, empowered, and lasting way of being in the world. Join Eckhart for a transformational retreat dedicated to fulfilling what he considers our ultimate purpose in life, as we explore together:

  • Form identity and essence identity-how to appreciate the continuous unfolding of life through direct realization of our oneness with its timeless source
  • Becoming a hybrid human—how to transcend the mind-made sense of self and the suffering it creates and imbue all of our actions and interactions with the deeper truth of who we really are
  • Simple yet direct practices—Eckhart’s signature portals for maintaining presence amidst life’s challenges
  • A complete guided meditation into the depths of the moment

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