Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot Deck


Discover the quirky, colorful cast of characters who inhabit the 78 cards of the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot as they journey toward spiritual fulfillment. Graham Cameron’s whimsical illustrations invite the reader to follow The Fool as he introduces the players in the performance of life. Pull back the curtain and view the tarot as you have never seen it before.

The card backs feature four motifs presented throughout the Major and Minor Arcana: the number 56, jigsaw puzzle pieces, dice, and a question mark. Each of the suits corresponds to an element and a setting. Swords relates to air and labyrinths. Wands correspond to fire and the circus. Cups relate to water and the desert. Coins are linked to earth and a small village.  Each character in Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot is introduced with a lively description.

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