The Christmas Letters

Acropolis Books presents a collection of inspiring words from Joel S. Goldsmith that shine a new spiritual light on the inner joy of the Christmas season

A new generation of mature seekers, receptive to spiritual truth, is now discovering Joel Goldsmith’s teachings, which have lost none of their relevance, aliveness and power. I foresee that those teachings will reach and impact even more people in the 21st century than during his lifetime. Joel Goldsmith’s inspired and profoundly inspiring books represent a vital contribution to the spiritual awakening of humanity.

Eckhart Tolle

The Christmas Letters
Joel S. Goldsmith

The Christmas Letters is a compilation of letters, each written for the monthly Letter that the author sent out, over the many years of his ministry, to his students around the world. Each chapter celebrates an aspect of the universal Christ message of "Christ in us". The material in the book may feel familiar to many, or brand new to others, but what is clear is its purpose to illuminate for the reader the ever-growing richness of his or her own awakening consciousness with its ever-widening depths of spiritual discernment.

The Christmas Letters touches all aspects of the spiritual journey from sense to soul, highlighting the profound truth that Christmas is not one day in the year, but is the living reality hidden within each and every soul on earth.

Trade Paperback 208Pgs
Acropolis Books

  • Joel S. Goldsmith 1892-1964
    A monumental teacher of practical mysticism, Goldsmith devoted most of his life to the discovery and teaching of spiritual principles which he founded and called The Infinite Way. After the 1947 release of The Infinite Way, his seminal book, Goldsmith traveled throughout the world as a teacher and healer. Today, a worldwide network of students and followers continue to practice and preserve his work.