New revelations from local author Wayne Herschel

Wayne Herschel releases new information following the publication of The Hidden Records: The Star of the Gods

Since the publication of the The Hidden Records and Herschel’s theory identifying ancient star maps of the Pleiades area showing the place of the ‘gods’, which he proposes as the site of human origin, he has now found something monumental to explain how we came from the stars. Herschel has discovered ancient records of real functional star gate devices in three separate ancient civilisations, that use the Alpha and Omega symbols. Many cases of the star gate device were discovered to justify the interpretation too. There is now a big twist in the story with the Alpha Omega biblical quote as it reveals a message. The full article can be found on the author’s website.

The Hidden Records
Star of the Gods
Wayne Herschel & Birgitt Lederer

In a culmination of 15 years of archaeo-astronomy, the author unravels an extraordinary secret. Herschel's journey begins in Egypt discovering that all 50 of the pyramids of Lower Egypt represent a grand star map. The author also identifies the origins of a human blueprint code within the star map. In its context it explains cryptically that our human lineage is associated with what appears to be another nearby Sun-like star system.

The human blueprint emerges at other ancient sites around the world, and all appear to emulate the very same star secret with great obsession. This full-colour glossy book takes the reader on a riveting journey from one clue to the next, proving its theories at the hands of an array of forgotten texts and artefacts.

Large trade paperback 292pgs; colour photographs & illustrations

  • Wayne Herschel Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, now living in Cape Town, Wayne Herschel has always had a passion for the unexplained and the mysterious. After a paranormal experience in his childhood which made an indelible impression on him, Herschel was inspired by the realisation that we cannot possibly be alone in the universe. The author has since been featured twice on Carte Blanche, South Africa's longest running investigative journalism program.