New Book by Natalia Baker

Featured on our third subscription for 2014, here is the latest book by renowned metaphysical teacher, author & counsellor, Natalia Baker.


Seize the Day
A Guidebook for Changing Times
Natalia Baker

This book is a sound and inspiring support for all who are searching for more depth and meaning in these chaotic times or just wanting to know more about life. It has the gift of many helpful visualisations, reflections, exercises and checklists to bring healing, balance and insight to move the reader forward to an empowered state of being.

There is magic in these pages which not merely feeds the mind but speaks to the soul. Filled with wisdom honed in a life of self-healing and much experience, Natalia Baker shares her own journey and vast knowledge with wit, humour and humanity. Based on the idea that we are inherently great and divine beings, the work guides us to be present, to live from an open heart, take charge of our lives, learn discernment, heal and ultimately step into the consciousness of an awakened being.

Natalia's style of writing is exceptionally clear and accessible and will bring deep understanding to the topics covered.

This book cannot fail to empower and enlighten the reader and to support the journey to our natural state of joy, abundance, passion, purpose and freedom.

TPB 640 Pgs
Carpe Diem Publishing

  • Natalia Baker is a leader of consciousness, metaphysical teacher and professional public speaker. She is a regular contributor to leading digital and printed magazines and often appears on television and radio. Zone Radio currently features her on a regular hour-long phone-in programme. Her retreats and workshops are very popular and she is an experienced counsellor. She states emphatically that she could not do this work if she hadn’t learnt through "having done it all"! People who connect with her always remark on her deep love, compassion, understanding and sense of fun and joy.