Healthy Happy Eating

One of our bestselling titles from Cape Town-based health researcher, Sue Visser.

Healthy Happy Eating for All Blood Types
Food Therapy for Allergies, Slimming, Healing & Energy
Sue Visser

Enjoy the art of therapeutic cooking and eating. This practical picture guide is for the whole family. Busy mothers, husbands and children can all make quick and easy meals that are healthy and delicious. Learn to eat what suits you best.

Sue also shows us how to find our own cures in the kitchen for common ailments like coughs and colds, hormonal upsets, digestive disorders, arthritis or aches and pains.

She shows you how to be at ease with blood types A, B, AB or O at your dinner table. Learn how to entertain, to have children’s parties and to eat out in style and not gain weight. Even if you are a vegan, a raw eater or you have to be on a strict diet, you can learn how to enjoy your food with this beautifully illustrated guide.

Large Trade Paperback
Published by Nature Fresh

  • Sue Visser is a health researcher and product developer. She is a prolific writer and encourages people to help themselves to health. Her enthusiasm for blood type eating has resulted in a wealth of practical information. She shares this freely with everyone by means of magazines, news papers, radio broadcasts and workshops.