Dear Pierre – New book by South African author Pierre de Villiers

SAUCY SELF HELP BETWEEN THE COVERS – Dear Pierre is an inspiring new book that empowers readers reality style.

Dear Pierre
Private Letters to a Practicing Therapist
Pierre de Villiers

“A sneak peek into other people’s lives while feeling a whole lot better about one’s own.” This is how Pierre de Villiers describes his new reality self help book “Dear Pierre” which dishes out some good advice on romance, love, sex, money, health and everything in between.

Based on 30 actual real life case studies as counselling therapist of more than ten years this is not garden variety self help. “It’s not just the rich and famous who struggle with relationships”, De Villiers explains. “Disaster doesn’t care for gender, age, culture, country, language, religion or sexual preference when it knocks on the door. Normal folk struggle as much with life as Hollywood celebrities do – they just don’t make the headlines!”

Giving Joe Smith a voice “Dear Pierre” is a must-read for anyone 17 to 70 years old who enjoys their self help with a spoonful of tongue-in-cheek fun and is willing to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Softcover 226 pages
Published by African Inspiration - Tel (011) 467 4222

  • Pierre de Villiers became a South African household name as Continuity Presenter for the country’s National Broadcaster SABC2 while anchoring TV shows like the SABC Big Brand TV Show as well as being a soap star in MNet’s Egoli Place of Gold. While playing an ongoing role in Egoli and also reading the finance news on Jacaranda FM De Villiers was chosen to do the LIVE New Year’s Millenium Presenting on the National Broadcaster SABC2.

    Apart from being a TV Personality De Villiers also gave back to the community as Communications Lecturer at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) after resigning as Editor of the SA Military Medical Journal to become a South African Military Veteran Captain. While lecturing at university De Villiers did four years’ training as Counselling Therapist and set up private practice from home. Doing so caused enormous media interest and Pierre was showcased on Radio 702, SABC Free Spirit and twice invited to the set of SABC 3Talk and eTV’s Twenty Something. After The Star Newspaper’s Verve Lifestyle profiled Pierre The Sunday Times did a complete centre page spread on this TV Personality that became a Counseling Therapist of note.

    While maintaining his TV presence for over a decade by randomly presenting shows like the SABC’s Matrics Uploaded it was time to write the Reality Self Help book Dear Pierre and do close to 30 media interviews both locally and internationally as wide spread as Mexico and ‘Live on Air’ from New York.

    Pierre currently hosts his own weekly Reality Self Help show on Radio Overberg on Sundays at 6pm.