Back in Print – Bird Cards

The popular Bird Cards are now back in print. Previously published by Binkey Kok, they have been reprinted by Connections in a new attractive, handy sized presentation box.


Bird Cards
The Healing Power of the Bird Kingdom
Jane Toerien & Joyce van Dobben

Discover the remarkable healing power of birds, and how they can support us in our daily lives, with this powerful deck.

Birds have much more to offer us than just a beautiful feathered suit and merry song. They can also support us with their remarkable healing powers. Each bird has its own strengths – we all know that the owl expresses wisdom, for instance, and that the stork is associated with birth – but how can this help us in our own lives? In Bird Cards, Jane Toerien reveals the characteristic energies of fifty-five well-known and lesser-known birds, complete with meditative affirmations, and explains how they can bring extraordinary clarity and insight to the issues we face every day. Joyce van Dobben’s powerful drawings bring the birds to life, making this a deck to treasure as you connect with nature and discover the birds’ astonishing insight for yourself.

55-card Deck + Guidebook 80 Pgs

  • Jane Toerien works as a complementary health practitioner in Cape Town, South Africa. She offers a Life Facilitation process, using the Bird Cards for insight and support. Jane discovered bird-watching as a teenager, and has enjoyed taking note of the birds that cross her path ever since. Joyce van Dobben is a spiritual artist and bird enthusiast with a strong connection to birds and nature. She lives and works as an artist in the countryside in Spaarnwoude, the Netherlands.