New Horizon Distributors was created by Chris and Candy Legg in May 1997 as a vehicle for distributing inspiring and informative new literature from international publishers; books not available to the South African public at the time. Since then, New Horizon Distributors has become an established niche market distributor for many international and local publishers, specialising in Wisdom, Body, Mind and Spirit publications. Many titles have become ongoing bestsellers that have maintained their popularity because of the wisdom they carry within their pages.

Besides the thousands of book titles carried by New Horizon Distributors, we also offer a wide range of tarot and divination cards, audio and visual material which includes spoken-word CDs, music CDs, MP3s and DVDs, as well as calendars, journals and greeting cards.


Organisation and Operation

RNA Distribution

New Horizon Distributors is owned by New Vision Books and Games CC, the primary member being Chris Legg. The head office is in Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa, and handles customer enquiries and general administration. RNA Distribution manages our warehousing and fulfillment processes. Backed by 45 years experience in the distribution and logistics industry, RNA helps us get our product to clients throughout Southern Africa.


Marketing and Presentation of Product

New Horizon Distributors is represented by three sales representatives in three major urban areas in South Africa. New titles are presented to store buyers during the year through subscription catalogues (10-20 A4 size pages with synopses and colour pictures for each new title). Representatives call personally on buyers to take orders. Most shops have computerised stock and repeat orders are generated automatically and faxed to the warehouse. Customers in remote areas of South Africa and in neighbouring territories south of the equator are kept in touch by sending them regular mailings.

New Horizon has about 300 active customer accounts.

Opportunities are taken to get radio, TV, and printed media coverage for publishers.